Saturday, 22 January 2011

Mungo MIDI Retrofit for Roland Juno 6 - Part 1

I've just fitted a Mungo MIDI retrofit to a Roland Juno 6, and thought I'd post some extra info beyond what is in the PDF from Mungo to help others who might find it tricky to fit. A few of the details in the instructions are vague, especially maybe to those with less DIY experience. I'll just list a few notes and pictures below... Firstly, the board is powered from +5v and Ground, not +5v and -5v... The picture below shows where you can attach a power cable from the Juno 6 main board to the Mungo boards:
Oh, whoops, I mean here:

Bit blurry, but you can see where it goes, the header is actually marked 'G' and '+5v'.